WUTBA Committees

Executive Council


WUTBA’s business is conducted under the leadership of an established Council of representatives. Each Associate Member nominates 03 representatives (Councillors) who have the right to vote in the decision making process. Representatives of Observer Members (1 per each) are invited to attend to Council Meetings, at discretion of Council; however, they do not hold the position of Councillors and as such have only the right of voice but not of vote.

There are two WUTBA Office bearers: the General Secretary and the Treasurer, elected from the membership. When not elected from among the Council members, they have a standing invitation to attend Council meetings but have only the right of voice but not of vote. The inaugural General Secretary of WUTBA was Mr. Scott Brubaker from the AATB (2005-2013) who left an everlasting contribution to WUTBA. Dr Marisa Herson from the BAA has taken over the position as of May 2014 and Mr. Martin Börgel has taken the inaugural position as WUTBA Treasurer as of October 2017.

Latest Council Meeting Comunique here.

Previous Council Meetings Comuniques here.

Current Representatives to Executive Council:

Marisa Herson (General Secretary)
Martin Börgel (Treasurer)

AATB – Roman Hitchev, Beverly Bliss
ALABAT – Francisco Martinez, Rafael Prinz, Celina Horak
APASTB – Heri Suroto, Ken Urabe, Suzina Sheikh Ab Hamid
BAA – Gavin Van Der Meer, Linda Manning, Kellie Hamilton
EATCB – Jacinto Sanchez-Ibanez, Diletta Trojan, Simone Hennerbichler

SATIBA – Michael Pepper


Scott Brubaker

(2005 – 2014)
General Secretary


Marisa Herson

(2014 – current)
General Secretary


Martin Börgel

(2017 – current)


Ethics Working Group

The purpose of the WUTBA Ethics Working Group (WEWG), is to establish a global forum for the discussion of ethical issues involved in tissue donation, manufacturing -  including any step linked to processing, value-adding, storage and distribution and transplantation.

This is consistent with WUTBA’s aim to support ethical practices in tissue donation and transplantation, and stand against tissue trafficking. The outcomes may also support WUTBA Aim of exchange of information on events, activities, standards, regulations, education and research.

While there is no prescribed minimum or maximum number of members in any Committee, individuals will be appointed by the Associate and Observer Members, with the assumption that equal opportunity to participate will be provided to members in good standing of each. Individuals that are not association member may be recruited as Advisors.

The Group meets at set intervals over an agreed work agenda. Examples of topics for discussion are the challenge to ensure global equitable access to grafts and derived products, how to frame informed donation consenting process (and ownership) vis-à-vis the increasing reality of biotechnology enhanced tissue/cell products research and clinical application, and caveats to practices akin to business leading to obvious commercialization and financial gain.

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Current Members:

Martin Börgel (Chair)
Marisa Herson (General Secretary)

AATB – Beverly Bliss
ALABAT – Celina Horak
APASTB – Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Suzina Sheikh Abdul Hamid
BAA – Joyleen Winter
EATCB – Jill Davies
SATIBA – Sandra Venter


Global Tissue Banking Registry

The purpose of this Committee, as an agreed collaboration with the WHO,  is to establish a global register of tissue and cell establishments, as one of agreed WUTBA’s Aims. The outcome may also support WUTBA Aim of exchange of information on events, activities, standards, regulations, education and research

In pursuit of this goal, the group will identify the tissue & cell banking establishments in the diverse world regions, build a directory of these establishments and endeavour to collect data to inform on world tissue donation and transplantation activity.

The membership is composed of 01 nominated representative from each Associated or Observer Member, and the WUTBA General Secretary. Additional members may be co-opted, upon consensus of membership, to facilitate or value-add to the proposed work plan.

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Current Members:

Roman Hitchev (Chair)
Marisa Herson (General Secretary)

AATB – Roman Hitchev
ALABAT – Celina Horak
APASTB – Jinyoung Jeong
BAA – Linda Manning
EATCB – Martin Börgel
SATIBA – Michael Pepper